Shaving Bumps

Pseudofolliculitis is the medical term for razor bumps. This condition is caused by shaving with a razor and is common among people with thick, dark, curly hair. When the hairs are cut with a razor, they are cut on an angle, creating a point. When the hair then re-grows, it curves back into the skin, creating a bump. For optimum results, three laser treatments are typically done at six to eight week intervals. The treatments delay hair growth, decrease hair density and reduce hair count.

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Are shaving bumps the same as acne?

While shaving bumps can have the appearance of acne, they are not related. Shaving bumps are caused by rough, course, curly hair curving back into the skin after shaving and causing irritation.

Will shaving bumps go away on their own?

Shaving bumps will not go away until the problem is resolved. Various pre-shaving and post-shaving creams are on the market that can help soften hair which can avoid a shaving bump outbreak. Laser surgery can delay hair growth and decrease density and hair count in order to lengthen the time between shaves. This reduces the amount of irritation that occurs when hair re-grows.

Is this covered by insurance?

Removal of shaving bumps is typically not covered by insurance. If you are unsure, it is best to check with your insurance provider.

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