Robotics – DaVinci

The future of medicine has arrived. Robotic surgery is the latest minimally invasive technique used when performing sensitive high-risk surgeries. Today’s technology allows a high resolution 3-D image of your heart to be viewed by your surgeon.

The DaVinci Robot is an extremely sensitive instrument that allows the surgeon to work in a very small space with the dexterity of an open operation. As such, bypass surgery, valve surgery and other complicated chest surgery can be performed with very small incisions and no spreading of the ribs.

 The surgeon controls the robotic instruments via a surgeon console that sits next to the operating room table. There is a 3 dimensional picture displayed in the console and the surgeon manipulates the motorized instruments via computer control.  There is also a team at the operating table that helps to manage the instruments and the heart lung machine as necessary for each case.

 Each patient’s candidacy for robotic surgery is unique and needs to be discussed with the individual surgeon.

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