Thoracic Aortic Stent

Thoracic aortic stents are used to repair thoracic aortic aneurysms, aortic dissection, aortic ulcers and other thoracic aortic conditions. These occur in the chest region and require a stent to reinforce a weakened and bulging artery and allow blood to flow freely. A stent is a tube made of fabric and flexible metal caging that is inserted through a tiny incision in the groin area. A small guide wire is fed through the body and carefully placed in position. A catheter delivers the stent which is placed into the proper position to repair the aneurysm. The placement of the thoracic aortic stent can prove challenging because of the curved nature of the area. However, there are customized stent sizes, flexible catheters and advanced release systems that make this surgery safer with excellent outcomes. Each patient and condition is unique, so the surgeon will determine the best option for you.

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